The Fear/The Trust: Writing and being stuck

There are a couple of ripe avocados on the kitchen counter. I’ve been meaning to find a smoothie recipe before they go brown. The sofa looks like it needs a bit of rearranging. All of a sudden I’m being pulled towards the garden; a morning spent lizard-spotting has never felt more pressing.


In case you’re wondering, procrastination’s the name of the game. Convincing myself that each of these activities is more urgent than opening The Word Document.

I haven’t been near my novel for over a month. The characters are poised in their respective chapters. The setting, as present as it was before the events of August. But something’s stopping me from going back. Have I lost the entry code?


Some writers call the moment of stasis in a piece of writing, The Fear. A paralysed thought that just this once, there is nothing more to say. But trust looks at fear with eyes of love. It seems to stare its anxious worries down.

In her blogpost ‘The Importance of Play’ Mari Biella writes:

I’m a believer in taking your time, getting it right, and in taking time off and playing. Writing isn’t heart surgery, or even insurance banking. It probably won’t make much difference whether your book is ready this year or next year.

From this I know that my novel is not about to go anywhere. That if need be it can wait this way forever. Not inert within the computer like a cup to be filled, but in every nook and cranny of my life.

So until I’m ready to return to ploughing its lines of Times New Roman, I don’t think I can call it procrastination anymore. It’s a lull between seasons, The Wilderness as Lizzy Kremer describes it in this beautiful piece, a chance to let the raw material in. Nothing for it then but to get back to making that smoothie.



Ever had writer’s block/ The Fear? What did you do? As always please feel free to comment 😉

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