Singing into the silence


The birds in Oman are noisy. With the door open on a weekday morning, as I write, their voices are all that can be heard. I start to wonder whether the neighbour’s cat has wandered into their zone, disturbing the peace to make them cackle so. But no, they’re just extremely loud.

Some evenings, I park the car on the way to a wander by the beach and I’m awestruck by the cacophony coming from the trees. A symphony of squawks.

This is what they sound (and look) like:

Click here to watch

I’ve finally reached a point in the writing of my novel that I could call a first draft. It’s exciting and terrifying. I spent years hiding my work, showing no one but the occasional creative writing tutor.

I thought: If no one sees it then I can keep it safe, I’ll just continue writing, I thought, until…

Expression needs an audience. Birds sing in order to be heard. They’re communicating something. To each other at least.

What do they say?

Not a bad spot for flying... perhaps


Incredible the skies. The way the moon hangs like the last slice of a melon…

Or something far beyond our imaginings, never hiding what’s in their hearts.

So I’m taking my cue from Muscat’s winged beasts, starting the task of editing then querying to a publisher and an agent. Or twenty. Hoping they might look up from what they’re working on. To note the sound of yet another bird, singing into the silence.








5 thoughts on “Singing into the silence

  1. That is such a beautiful comparison. Working on your own, in silence, is safe – but, arguably, the very act of writing presupposes an audience. It takes courage to take your work to that audience and, in a sense, put yourself at their mercy. You just have to hope that, sooner or later, it will find a core group of readers who understand and appreciate it.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Mari. What you say is very true. I think, in my case, the wish to be read overrode the need to keep my work private. It’s a funny balance! I have found blogging to be a good preparation for the letting go required in submitting a MS. How about you?


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