If we were having coffee…


I’d tell you that it changes shade. Don’t let the fire fade. It clears. If you could only see the view from here…

If we were having coffee, I’d blow away the silken frames (the ones that lid your eyes). You’ll realise they’re holograms, pushing out the skies.


You say you’re shy to show and tell, yet keener to be heard. Talk me through that script of yours, tell me, what’s your word?

We’d chat about the quote you learnt and pinned above your bed, flummoxed by its mystic sense,

‘Live the questions,’ it said.

Throwing in the answers towel, you tried to catch the light. Saw, then, a world of crossing lines forged through a wood at night.

The books you have to read for school, the surface (not the pool). The hours you think you have. They go. Read now. Read all the stuff you should. And shouldn’t. Read on the train. Read aloud. Read on your own and in a crowd. Don’t stop for anything, not even time, keep pen in hand, until the blessed punctuation rhymes.


If we were really having coffee, I’d keep it lighter, I admit. We’d talk of films and other stuff. Shoot the breeze a bit. I’d look with eyes which wish, for you, the keys to open doors, inside, to passing lands, forgiving seas. I’d listen to your thoughts on things until I’d add, with care:

When great full stops the size of Mars freeze your sentence bare,
and there you halt at your front door,
despairing that the flash of light to let you in
is for the car (the fob you tried)
that’s why it’s making such a din.

And gaps appear in your syntax, requiring breath so great, you even start to meditate
(a task, right now, I know you’d hate.)

Remember this:

That thing of which you are afraid. It cannot win. You’ve vanquished it – at least – it’s greyed. You’ve got, at last, a measure of the stuff you think it’s made.


The coffee’s good. What d’you think?

I’d watch you blink, a bright veneer of cool,
I’d surely overlook the ‘I’m not bothered’ school
of thought, your youth – that too – a match that flicks so fast,

The burning urge, you have, to make things rhyme,
of which you may – or not – grow out, with time.


(My response to: The ‘If We Were Having Coffee’ series created by Part Time Monster).

With thanks to maaco for the coffee photo: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

What advice would you give your younger self? Comments, as always, are welcome 🙂


5 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. Loved the rhyme approach. It’s beautiful. And besides that I appreciate the care to cite “I’d listen to your thoughts on things until I’d add…” because many of us just forget to pause and hear out the other, as if we were reading a sort of monologue!


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