I come from the market town of Cambridge in the UK, a place of medieval spires and flat green parks. After studying English in Manchester, I spent 15 years trying to engage teenagers with Shakespeare and Steinbeck; I taught in England and in many other countries around the world.

This blog is about Muscat, the Arabian city on three seas, where I lived for eight years, and also about literature.

What worlds we may discover through the written word. … Dark, funny, heartfelt. Gentle poetry, the twist of a thriller. I am thankful to Zadie Smith for her eponymous novel On Beauty, behind which I once hid my way round a precarious journey through Rajasthan. To every author unafraid to take the reader into tricky territory, the ones who tackle the subtle or taboo, or the frankly hilarious.

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Josephine Rose

Please note, all photography on this blog is my own unless otherwise attributed at the bottom of each post. I therefore hold all rights to my photographs and as copyright holder, reserve all rights provided by copyright law, such as the right to make copies, distribute my work, perform my work, license, or otherwise exploit my work; no rights are waived under this license. The same is true of all writing on this blog. Readers are welcome to share my work in its entirety or in sections as long as it is attributed.

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